I got tagged by clothed-in-strength-and-honour to answer several questions. 

The Rules 

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clothed-in-strength-and-honour's questions and my answers. 

1.) What is your favorite book and why?  ”Go big or go home” by Will Hobbs. It was the first I ever read and got me into real ones, without any pictures. I really liked the story.

2.) Have you ever had a life changing moment?   My life changes day by day. God’s grace keeps me moving and every time He surprises me with something better.

3.) What do you consider as your best quality? I consider my best quality the way I socialize and make new friends. 

4.) If you had one last day to live, what would you spend it doing? And would you tell people?  I would gather all my friends and have fun all over the city. 

5.) What are your future dreams and goals?  My dreams and goals are based on one thing … to keep making art.

6.) Who are your role models in life? My role models are my best friends and pastors.

7.) What is the worst thing you’ve ever ate?  The worst thing I ever ate was a burger with pickles. I never tasted them before that moment xD 

8.) What is the worst thing you’ve witnessed?  The worst thing I’ve witnessed is the book store Borders being closed. Heart breaking. 

9.) Did you believe in Santa Claus when you were younger?  Up to the point where I looked to the sky hoping I’d spot his sleigh and reindeer. 

10.) What do you think is one thing this world desperately needs? Love. 

11.) Are you happy with who you are and where you’re at in your life? Happiness is something I cannot pursue. I follow Jesus. His love and plans for my life surprise me and before I know it, I’m struck with a wave of happiness. 

Now my questions.

1.)  What type of book do you like to read? 

2.)  What do you pursue in life?

3.)  Which is your best characteristic?

4.)  If you could make a positive change in your community today, how would that be? 

5.)  Who inspires you? 

6.)  Do you have any dreams ,and if so, are you following them? 

7.)  Which is your funniest experience?

8.)  Which is your loveliest memory? 

9.)  Did you believe in the tooth fairy when you were a kid? 

10.)What negative situation is currently facing humanity that you feel the need to change in some way? 

11.)Have you recognized yourself as a human being with potential who is beautiful inside and out, no matter what, and deserves to love him/herself and others too? 

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All right ! Thank you, guys ;) 


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